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E-mail, call or write for current sales list
Each year we have calves that are available for purchase as breeding stock or to raise for beef.  We also occasionally have mature bulls and cows and pairs available for purchase. Please contact us by e-mail or phone for availability and pricing.
   (Upon Sales all bulls will be tested by a veterinarian to be free of Trichomiasis, per Texas Dept. of Agriculture Regulations)
       (Producer pays for this test once sale is confirmed.)


Mature Cows and First Calf Heifers:
We will have several mature red horned cows available for sale by early spring 2013.  Contact us for availability and pricing.

Pricing and Conditions for Sales
We price our cattle based on maturity, sex, color, and whether they are horned or polled.  Normally, mature and proven breeding stock is priced higher than young  bulls and heifers.  The asking price for polled animals is slightly greater than horned cattle.  We do not have any dun cattle. 

All asking prices are FOB Fort Davis but delivery arrangements can be made for a modest mileage fee and/or when we are normally traveling to the area of the country where you reside.  A discount of $100 per animal is offered off the total sales price for multiple animals purchased---e.g, $100 discount for two or $200 discount for three, etc.

Prospective buyers are asked to sign a sales agreement that specifies how the cattle will be cared for prior to delivery to your place or pick up in Fort Davis, TX.  Normally our terms of sales require at least 25% deposit on the total sales amount with the balance due on delivery or at the time of pickup.  With prior agreement other arrangements can be made with the mutual consent of both parties.

Wheatear    (Sire: Legend Red Ace; Dam: DMD's Tanager)
Wheatear (ADCA # 23525) is a nice beefy, polled bull ready for service now.  DOB July 8, 2009